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Wednesday 6th – yard infoAce Car Breakers are Kents premier scrap metal Merchant! We pride ourselves in being a high standard End of Life treatment facility for scrap cars and scrap vehicles. Ace Car Breakers are HSE, DVLA and EA registered, following all aspects of local legislation. At Ace Car Breakers our customers health and safety is our primary concern. We regularly conduct HSE checks regarding scrap cars, scrap vehicles and scrap metal being brought into the yard. Here are some points to remember when entering the yard; FORK LIFTS are constantly operating, WALK WITHIN THE PROVIDED PUBLIC BARRIERS, Stay away from RESTRICTED AREAS, DO NOT attempt to WALK UNDERNEATH Any machinery, NEVER REMOVES YOUR HIGH-VIS.

[ ] How do we manage Ace Car Breakers staff and customers’ health and safety? At Ace Car Breakers you will notice multiple different warning and hazard signs in various areas of the yard. These signs include ‘restricted area’ notices. These signs let our customers know that certain areas of the Ace Car breakers yard are off limit to wreak public (Areas such as the depollution bays and car dismantling grab areas). Generally members of the generally public will only enter the yard briefly to drop of scrap cars and scrap vehicles and tip scrap metal – wearing suitable safety wear. All members that do enter the yard are required to wear safety gear such as a high visibility jacket, hard had and protective gloves. We will lend these to your for your visit. Alternatively you can purchase them directly from reception for a small cost.

[ ] Ace Car breakers have multiple appointed first aides across the yard. Our first aiders are fully trained and prepared for all possible circumstances. First aid kits are also located across the yard and notices that clearly state who to find should there be a HSE incident.

[ ] As a customer once you enter the ace Car breakers yard, you will be required to sign in at reception. When signing In You will be briefed with a health and safety poster. Your signature confirms you have fully read and understood all aspects of the briefing. From this point you are responsible for your own health and safety , you should take responsibility and co-operate with Ace Car Breakers team members. We only want to keep you safe.

[ ] Ace Car Breakers is a scrap metal dealer. We specialise in the recycling of scrap metal, scrap cars and other scrap vehicles. We work closely with the DVLA and environment agency to ensure our standards as an Authorised treatment facility (ATF) and scrap yard are kept at a high standard. Ace Car Breakers care about our environment and try to contribute as much as possible to keeping it clean!

[ ] Ace Car breakers recycle many scrap metals such as scrap cars and other vehicles, steel, scrap iron, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, tin and many more. We take pride in ensuring all scrap metal and scrap cars that pass Ace Car Breakers gates are properly and efficiently recycled. We use various methods to prepare our scrap metal for export such as; shearing the metal into smaller pieces, baling and compacting the metal, shredding cars and metal separation. To scrap any metal with us you need to have scrap metal license. Do a waste carriers license. [ ] Did you know Ace Car Breakers included in the industry as a whole, recycle 7-8 million scrap vehicles each year! Because of this the scrap metal an ATF industry is highly regulated. Recycling just 1 Tonne of steel or scrap metal saves more then 80% emissions produced when making steel ore. As a business we export our scrap metal and scrap vehicles worldwide to be melted down and reused as metal for things like building work and machinery in the Far East

Daily, Ace Car breakers ensure our scrap metal and scrap Vehicle facility is operated as eco friendly as possible. Ace Car Breakers abide by HSE, DVLA and EA guidelines and are proud to be recognised as one of the UK’s ATF facility’s.

Let us know if you think something’s wrong! Make sure you tell a member of the ace car breakers team if you think our health and safety precautions are inadequate. We have regularly visits from health and safety representatives and are continually making sure our precautions up at a high standards – your health and safety is our primary concern.