Wednesday 10th July – Our privacy policy 👀☺️

Ace Car Breakers want to here our customers feedback!

In the coming weeks, will will be starting to collect all contact details provided to us via our recovery booking system. We will use these details to send you a courtesy message after our service has concluded and if you choose to join our mailing list we may also send you occasional promo messages about things like price updates and monthly offers!

Our messages will simply ask to rate our service and give us a bit of feedback about the service we offered you and your experience! But don’t worry all your personal data is covered by our GDRP policy! This means all your data is handled with up most care and is fully confidential, we don’t not share your information nor do we use your information for anything other then our marketing purposes. Your data will only be used with your consent!

You can easily opt out from receiving our messages! We will send you a text as soon as our database is set up. On this initial text you will have the opportunity to opt out and not revive any more texts from us. We will also offer this opportunity in all other messages we send. Once you opt out we will re,over all of your details from our mailing list completely.

Why do we want to collect your contact details?
-By establishing a rapport with our customers and auditing results from the messages we can help track our customer service success and highlight areas for improvement. In the long run this will help improve our service for all of our customers.
-We will be able to track our customer growth within our business.
-Making sure all contact details are documented will ensure that it’s quick and easy to get hold of you regarding your scrap vehicle or scrap material or payment details. (should we need to contact your again)
-As of today we collected contact numbers regardless, this is for the purpose of contacting our scrap car recovery clients and setting up payment cards. We will simply be documenting them now.

How will we handle your contact details?
We will collect your contact details via a database that automatically updates monthly. Your details will be collected when you provide your contact number upon booking in your car for collection. By providing your number you confirm to us contacting you. This said database will be fully encrypted and password protected so your information is completely secure. All further details on how we handle your details are mentioned in our GDRP policy.

Want to opt out prior to us setting up our data base, let us know and we will not contact you !

Thank you to all our customers helping our business grow.