Thursday 13th June – Non-ferrous Scrap Metal 👀🤙🏻

Ace Car Breakers are Kents top scrap metal Merchant. We buy all grades of non-ferrous metals, Regionally ace Car breakers deals with tonnes of non-ferrous metal every year and we buy all grades of scrap non ferrous and ferrous metal including aluminium, brass, cable, copper, lead, tin, titanium and stainless steel, to name but a few.

Ace Car Breakers have long-standing relationships with our customers which is testament to the excellent service we provide based on competitive prices, honesty and efficiency. Whilst it will feel like you’re dealing with a local independent, you are guaranteed the unshakeable reliability and pricing-power of ace Car Breakers.

Why choose ace Car breakers?
* Competitive prices
* Delivery or collection
* Vast range of secure containers available
* Compliance advice
* Full paper trail if required
* Outstanding service

Who do we buy from?
We take non-ferrous metal from anyone who produces it, such as the general public, other scrap metal merchants, construction and demolition contractors, local trades and businesses, manufacturers, blue-chip organisations, government bodies and service providers to name but a few. All scrap metal is paid for by weight on our accurate weighbridges and small scales, and our honesty, integrity and service is valued by our long-standing suppliers.

Collection or delivery
Ace Car breakers have a vast fleet of dedicated vehicles, to provide you with a reliable collection service and all of our vehicles are monitored using our advanced computer tracking system. In addition Ace Car Breakers have thousands of purpose built containers and can station whatever you need at your site, including lockable containers for which we can provide unique seals for added security. We can also provide photo/video evidence and Certificates of Destruction if required.

Professional Scrap Metal Services
We have a weighbridge facility specially for weighing scrap metal that is eligible for recycling. Your pay-out is determined by the kind of metal you have and the weight of your lot. Our weighbridges are calibrated and highly accurate, guaranteeing precise pricing. With advanced weighing systems, LKM Recycling wants to make sure you get the correct amount in exchange for your scrap metal.
Prices of scrap metal change almost daily we recommend calling today for the latest prices. We base our prices on the current market value for the type of scrap metal that you have. Prices are subject to change. Just tell us the type of metal you have and its weight and then we’ll give you a quote in a few seconds.

We accept all grades of Non Ferrous scrap metal recycling, ranging from:
* All grades of Aluminium
* Mixed Brass
* Mixed Copper (Braziery, Copper Tube, Tanks)
* Cables (Household, Low Grade)
* Stainless
* Lead
* Batteries
* Electric Motors
* Zinc
* Phosphor bronze
* Gun Metal
* Nickel Alloy
* And Many More

Trustworthy Metal Scrap Collectors
Ace Car Breakers has well-established relationships with many scrap metal merchants. Our trading partners have been with us for years and they know that metal scrap from Ace Car breakers is always of the highest quality.
Because of our hard work, experience and expertise, Ace Car breakers is known as a trustworthy source of non-ferrous scrap metal in the market. Our team is committed to assessing our materials and achieving top prices for them.  We ensure that our customers and trading partners benefit directly from our dedication.