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Setting up an account at Ace Car breakers is easy! Ace Car Breakers are Kents premier scrap metal Merchant, we take pride in making Sure our service is quick, straight forward and as simple as possible for our customers.

Due to the scrap metal dealers act we now require traceable ID for all scrap vehicles , scrap cars and scrap metal run in and out of the yard. This would be photographic ID and proof of address. An example of this would be your driving license OR passport and letter with current address. An example of a letter would be a bank statement or utility bill. Unfortunately, for lawful purposes, we cannot serve customers without proper ID. When ace car breakers use your ID to set up an account we simply scan it into our database and enter the expiry date on your ID. This means when your ID on the account expires,your account is therefore invalid and will need updating before you can continue to scrap any materials with us.

Ace Car Breakers will need to know your payment preferences , should this be a cheque or bank transfer. Cheque payments are straight forward and can be issued instantly in your account name, here at the ace Car Breakers office. Bank transfer payments will be made to your account between 2-4pm on the same day. We will require your payee name, sort code and account number. These bank details will then be linked to your account so we can pay you every time you come in. However for your data protection, bank details are only held on the database for 6 months, so if you don’t come in to ace Car breakers for over 6 months your details will be wiped from the system and you will have to provide them again.

Ace Car breakers abide by all GDRP rules and regulations. We do not share your personal data or payment details to anyone. The only people who have access to this information are ace Car breakers office staff. This is so we can manage your account appropriately. We will never share, sell or use your information for any other purposes. However due to the scrap metal dealers act we are legally bound by law enforcement organisations such as the local police and Environmental agency. There may be situations where we will have to pass on your personal data such as ID and proof of address to the police etc regarding scrap vehicles, scrap cars and scrap metal you brought in. This is something we must legally provide and have no control over.

We offer a payment cash card if you are a regularly returning customer. These cars allow you to withdraw cash from an online account that we can update instantly with payments at the ace Car Breakers office. You can withdraw your cash,being charged £1 per transaction. You will require full ID to set up a cash card as well as your contact details.

We recommend contacting our office should you have any enquires regarding setting up an account with us. Contact Jim on 01322 383363

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