Monday 1st July – Recycling into the future β™»οΈπŸ€™πŸ»

Ace Car Breakers are your local scrap metal Merchant. We specialise in scrap metal recycling in Kent and south east London.

Metal is a precious material and much of it can be easily recycled and put back into use. At Ace Car Breakers we never send scrap metal or scrap vehicle waste to landfill sites, instead we provide and send scrap metal to be recycled at dedicated facilities around the UK to promote a cleaner future.

Helping to avoid using virgin materials, ace car breakers process your waste and sort scrap metals into groups to be given a new lease of life. Whether it’s separated scrap metal from office clearance, construction sites, civic amenity sites or old cabling, Ace Car Breakers in Kent can take and recycle unwanted scrap metal and scrap vehicles.

Included in the range of metals we accept are the following:
* Copper
* Steel
* Aluminium
* Iron

Scrap metal recycling is an excellent way to manufacture new products without the need for new materials. Recycling scrap metal reduces the demand on local landfills and prevents pollution that can affect delicate ecosystems. Ace Car breakers take responsible steps to ensure your scrap metal and scrap cars are recycled accordingly.

Commonly-Recycled Metals
Many scrap metals used in consumer products today can be recycled to create new products. A metal is considered desirable for recycling when it can be melted and re-formed without losing considerable strength and durability. Some of the most commonly-recycled metals today are aluminum, steel, copper, nickel, platinum, gallium, gold, and silver. The most frequently-recycled metal items include beverage cans, metal food containers, electronics, automobile components, and appliances.

The Recycling Process
When scrap metal is collected for recycling, it must be sorted by type before processing can begin. In some cases, larger pieces are cut into smaller components for ease of processing this is called Shearing. The metal is cleaned and exposed to high temperatures in a furnace to create a molten metal solution, which is then tested for purity. Additional metals or gases can be added to change the purity of the metal solution or create alloys for manufacturing purposes. Once this process is complete, the molten metal is poured out of the furnace. Metal may be formed into ingots, rods, billets, or slabs, depending upon its intended purpose. Alternatively, metals may be pulverised into a powder or transported in liquid form to a manufacturing facility, where they are used to create new components and product

As leading recyclers for Kent and south east London , ace Car breakers know how important it is for you to have your waste recycled and promote your environmental concerns. Ace Car Breakers have over 30 years of experience in the industry and can advise you on how to best manage your metal waste for the ease of processing – we can also provide the requisite documentation you may need too. Such as our waste treatment license , End of Life vehicle treatment facility license and other reverent licences. Feel free to contact our friendly team today to discuss your scrap metal, scrap vehicle, scrap car & metal recycling requirements, or to find out if we accept your metal waste.